Ai Voice Changer for PC + Mobile

If we look back 10 years, then it will be amazing to realize how fast the technology has risen. If we look back to a very early time, then we have heard that the world’s first computer’s size was approximately an entire room, but if we look at today’s time, we can carry the computer system in our hands.

As time passed, the technology became more compact. If we look at today’s time, a small watch has become a smart watch with all the all facility of a smartphone; even smart rings have been trending on the market today, where you can pay an online bill, control your phone, track your calories, and much more.

Rising the AI technology

So these days, we have heard a lot of things about artificial intelligence. Well, this digital field is developing very fast. It is used in a lot of automation work. There are lots of features, like learning, speech recognition, and decision-making. It brought a revolution to the internet, even Ai learning about human nature, by which it can do the maximum things of a human in the correct way with very little time.

Today, if we just have a clue of some word, AI will provide you with huge data for that. There are many AI-based websites where you can get any information by just typing the keyword, and even AI can solve your subjects question in a very accurate manner.

Ai Voice Changer

The AI Voice Changer is a tool where you can change your voice. A lot of websites and applications allow you to change your voice. This tool is gradually being used on social media. In the social media reel, you have seen lots of videos in which the speaker changes his or her voice. It enables users to create a custom voice that better represents their online personality. You can sing with this tool, and it will auto-tune your voice. It is done in such a perfect way that if an unknown person lists your changed voice, it will be difficult for them to know that it is being made by AI.

Voice changer for live streamers, content creator

If you are a live streamer or a digital influencer, then you should try this tool. Lot of people their customized voice which impact huge in there content. We have seen many game streamers change their voice to a funny one,  which sounds very funny and interesting and helps their audience feel more connected. A content creator can get a lot of reach for there videos by using this tool. And the content creator knows the impact of the voice; it is even greater than the video quality.

Customizable Ai Voice Cloning

With this tool, you can create the voice of your favorite cartoon character, your favorite celibacy. The voice-cloning of any public figure can amaze people. Even most content creators are using this to get more attention. And you can’t find that it is an AI-generated voice.

Uses of Ai Voice changer

Film Dialogue

Today, a lot of creators create there own short films. You can use the voice changer here for the narration and voiceover. You can change the normal voice to a celebrity’s voice, which will make your content more attractive. A customizable audio narration will play a great role in your content.


You can create a number of customized voices in your advertisements. Which will provide you with more reach to your targeted people. Based on your product, just make an outline line for it and upload it to the voice changer, and you can customize it according to your needs.

Game Dialogue

Create a bold voice with this tool to keep your audience entertained. It is recommended to use a funny voice as it will attract more people to watch your content.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is a very popular video browser, and it offers a job opportunity. You can use this tool on your video to give it an attractive touch and reach more people. You can use this tool on your YouTube video for narration and voiceover too.


sound and time

Provide you a realistic voice

background noise

Clear output without any background noise

text to voice feature

Customizable voice effects

  • Real-time voice change
  • Gender-specific voice with pitch adjustment
  • A wide range of voice transformations
  • User friendly
  • Provide different tones and accents for the given voice
  • Quick transformations
  • High quality

How to use & Download Ai Voice charger?

This tool is very easy to use; you just need to go to your browser from your PC or phone and search for an online voice changer. just upload your voice and choose change it. You can change its accent, pitch, and voice gender. After the edit, just download it. Some of site are free and some of the website which provide you a huge option required some amount to use it.


So in this article, we have gained knowledge about the voice changer tool. It can help to grow on the online platform. You can customize your voice to make your content more attractive. You can use a real-time changer, which will help you on the online stream. The tool is free, but for some premium features, you have to pay.


Is it free to use?

You can use it without spending anything with some limited features, or you can pay a small amount to use the premium features.

Is this tool legal to use?

This tool is totally legal and safe to use

Can I add pauses to the changed voice?

Yes, you can customize it.

Can I change my voice to another gender?

This tool allows you to change your voice to another gender, another language, another accent, a customizable pitch, and much more.

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