PS5 Voice Changer 2022 [FREE Download]

Finally, the wait is over now.

As Sony Interactive Entertainment has released the brand new PS5, updated and successful successors of PS4 where you get amazing features that give you a fresh new gaming experience.

The Voice Changer will be like a cherry on the cake, adding more interest to the game.

So before going deep about the PS5 Voice Changer, let me clarify the PS and their updated console called PS5.

What is PS?

PS5 Voice Changer

PS stands for PlayStation. It’s one of the successful video game brands that has five different home video consoles. And has been produced under Sony Interactive Entertainment, basically a part of Sony.

When PS was introduced Worldwide?

According to Wikipedia, PS was first introduced Worldwide on December 3, 1994; exactly 26 and half years ago.

The original one of PS is also known as the PS1 because it was the first console series of any type used among 100 million units.

And as of now, the PlayStation has released five successive consoles till now.

And in this article, we are going to talk about one of its successful consoles named PS5.

What is the PS5 Voice Changer?

PS5 is One of the successful successors of the previous console named PS4. It was released on 12th November 2020, with 7.8 million shipped units as of March 31.

PS5 is designed in such a way so that you can consider it for a great gaming experience. Normally you can enjoy PS5 on your TV whose minimum criteria is that it should have at least 4K graphics.

Here we won’t go deep to understand the features and benefits of PS5 as discussed in another article because that is a big conversation to have.

But don’t worry about the term ” PS5 Voice Changer ” for which you have searched, we are going to have a detailed tutorial that will help to inbuilt voice changer with PS5.

But let’s have a bit of fun.

How often do you try to mimic your favorite celebrity or others?

Although we can not perform in the same way, I would say we still try to do that for fun.

Correct me, if I am wrong!

And being human, we all are someone who wishes to mimic but somehow we can not.

But don’t worry! I have a solution for this.

In today’s article, you got to learn and have fun about this particular software.

In this particular article, we will know how to download Voice Changer for PS5 for free.

How to download Voice Changer for PS5

There are two simple steps to implement a voice changer for your PS5.

Step 1 – Go to the Chrome browser and type PlayStation remote play.

Click on the underlined link and you will find an interface like this –

Now, because we are looking for a PS5 voice changer, we will choose from the PS5 section.

Select the desired option. And once you choose then it redirects to another page and that looks like

Click on download by accepting the privacy and policy terms for the installation.

After completing all the above processes jump back to the Chrome browser again.

Step 2-

From the below Download button, Go for ps5 voice changer.

After that, another interface will appear on your screen.

Simply go and click on the Download option.

Once you do that you get a recommendation to download in various versions

but I will recommend downloading in 64 Bit.

Once you download this free voice changer, head to your file and open the

setup interface of Clownfish Voice Changer.

Now set up the pitch or the mode of voice changer according to you and

unmute your mic in Playstation Remote Play.

Now the next thing that you need to do is, Select PS5 to connect.

And finally, we are done.

I hope you have got your answer on “ How to download Voice Changer for PS5 ”

Overall, it is not a tough task to do so go and implement all these steps and let I know in the comment how easily you did it with the help of this particular article.

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