BGMI Voice Changer – Download Best Voice Changer for BGMI/PUBG Mobile

Want to change your Voice to a child’s voice or a Girl’s Voice in the game?? Or you are also looking for a perfect Voice Changer for the BGMI game? Then you are at the right place. BGMI Voice Changer Download is available here. Today, we are going to tell you about some of the voice Changing apps for BGMI, these apps will definitely change your overall voice chat and gaming experience in the game. So, you are requested to read the complete article below.

BGMI Voice Changer

Currently, if you use any Android Phone of any brands like Mi, Redmi, Poco, Vivo, iQOO, etc then with the recent OTA Update and Android 11 you people must get an option of Voice Changer in during the game. These are in-built voice changers provided by the smartphone manufacturer itself to enhance the gameplay experience of the users. As online gaming or Battle- Royale Games are on great trend nowadays.

BGMI Voice Changer

Even if you follow any of your favorite YouTubers or Gamer who play BGMI on their Mobile devices then you might have noticed that they use lots of custom voice changes in their gameplay to interact with the players in the game. Now, they change their voice accordingly and they prefer a girl’s voice or a child’s voice to prank others. While if you use an in-built voice changer then sometimes you will face some issues with them and you don’t get a number of voice modules in the in-built voices changer. However, if you use a voice changer application then you will get a number of options in the App.

Voice Changer for BGMI On Android

Now, if you play the BGMI game on your Android Mobile devices then today we are going to provide you with the best of the BGMI Voice Changer Apps. If you are worried about the money or cost then also no need to worry because the Apps we are going to provide are completely free and you can directly download the apps from our website. These Apps are 100% safe and you can directly download the Voice Changer APK File below.

change voice on BGMI

As, there are a number of Applications available on the internet as Voice changers for BGMI, but very few of them are really genuine and most of the genuine working voice changer apps on the Google Play Store are often paid. But today we are going to give you a direct download of Two Voice Changer APK Files which you can use to Enhance the BGMI Gaming Experience.

If you also want to download these applications then you need to read the below-given links carefully. As of now, we are going to mention the two most used Voice Changer Applications for the BGMI below.

1. Voice Changer with Effects

Voice Changer with Effects

So, looking for a Lightweight and Feature loaded Application in the Android Ecosystem? Then, you can surely consider the Voice Changer With Effects App. This is a very genuine and good App and you can even use this application during calls to prank your friends over the call and if you play BGMI on your Android Device and you also wish to prank people by changing your voice to a girl’s voice then you can surely use this application.

Clownfish voice changer Apk for Mobile

You can directly download the Application from the below-given button.

2. VoiceFX- Voice Changer with Voice Effects


Now, if you are looking for an application with a better user interface and more customization than the above one? Then you can look over this VoiceFX- Voice Changer with Voice Effects Applications. This is a completely Free Application and you can directly find the App in the official Play Store. This Application runs smoothly in the official BGMI Game and does a great job of changing the Voice modules in the real-time scenario.

If you also want to change your voice to some Robot, Child, Girl, Alien Voice then you can download the VoiceFX- Voice Changer with Voice Effects. We are giving the Direct Download link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Get Any Ban issues while using Voice changer in BGMI?

No, you won’t get any ban issues while using the Voice Changer for BGMI because BGMI allows the voice modulation in the voice chat of the game. While if you spread any verbal abuse among teammates and players then your account can be reported.

Can I Use Voice Changer for BGMI on my iOS devices?

Yes, you can use the Voice Changer application for BGMI on your iOS devices. But for that, you need to download the Voice changer for BGMI iOS from our Website.

Which Phones have Voice Changer Feature for BGMI and Free Fire?

Nowadays, Many Android Phone brands like Mi, Redmi, Poco, Vivo, iQOO, etc offer built-in Voice Changer features with their Latest Updates to attract customers and the gaming community to their Brand.


So in the above article, we have discussed everything about the Voice Changer for BGMI in Android Devices. If you also Play the BGMI Game on your Android Device and you also want to change your voice during Gaming, then you need to follow today’s article. As we had also given you complete details and the top applications for the Voice changer for BGMI in Android. Not just this only, but we had also guided you with a step-by-step detailed guide to using the voice changer application in BGMI.

So, if you have any queries related to this then you can ask us in the below comment box. However, if you enjoyed reading this article then keep following us on our official website for such educational and informative content.

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