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top Real-time voice changer

Today everyone wants to attract others and changing voice is one of the best ways to attract a community towards you virtually.

So, changing a voice in-game, in the online meeting is one of the attractive as well as entertaining options which you can do with the help of some best real-time voice changers.

Now, if you are in search of the best real-time voice changer, then you are in the right place and you can use any of them according to your need.

So, to know about some of the best or top five best real-time voice changers of the current market, then stick with this article until the end.

What is Real-time voice changer 

One of the most demanding yet exciting, fun features that everyone is looking for in their android, PC, computer, laptop, tablets, and many more is to change the voice on every application that uses the microphone or even any other audio device.

Real-time voice changer is just a fun and exciting feature, which is not meant for unfair means. This feature should not be used to harass people on any platform, and one should always be very careful while using this feature.

Real-time voice changer can also be used as a fun prank with friends and siblings, and family members, by assuming a different personality. Real-time voice changers also come up with a variety of audio presets that can also help change the voice or the tone of the vote.

Real-time voice changers can work on various applications like discord, skype, Google meets, Microsoft teams, TeamSpeak, Viber, and many more.

Benefits of Real-time voice changer

Real-time voice changers are not only meant for fun purpose or as the fun prank calls, but it also offers other benefits.

So, below you get a small list of features that show you what is the benefit of selecting the best voice changer applications.

  1. Real-time voice changer helps make discrete inquiries, which means one can seek information without disclosing their identity. Private detectives generally use real-time voice changer applications to make discrete inquiries. Therefore, this benefit makes real-time voice changer an outstanding feature to use in various devices.
  2. Real-time voice changer also helps to fob people away when someone is busy with their work or when he/ she is not willing to talk to anyone or everyone. Real-time voice changers are also used in fending off nuisance or malicious callers.
  3. Real-time voice changers also help in protecting one’s identity. One of the essential benefits of real time voice changer is Authenticity. One can even introduce themselves at an event, record multi-character scripts, and add different voices to presentations via real-time voice changer.
  4. Real-time voice changers can even handle the background noises and even help the streamers show their best. Real-time voice changer can even help in changing the texts to voices.


Below you get a small list of applications in one to five series based on the best application. So, if you want to know which are the top 5 applications for voice changing then stick to read all applications carefully.



Clownfish voice changer, which has proved to be one of the most demanding Voice changer applications with several mesmerizing and fun features, makes this application an interesting one.

This application has been made for laptops, PC, mobile phones, and many more, which helps change the voice in every application that uses a microphone or any other audio device.

Clownfish voice changer was designed for Windows 10. And this application is available for both 32bit and 64-bit versions and is also compatible with multiple devices.

Clownfish acts like catfishing, but with the involvement of voice. Simple voice calls or video calls might get monotonous. Therefore, the clownfish voice changer helps make those calls interesting by changing the agent with the help of time, voice, and pitch. Clownfish voice changer, a fun and enjoyable application that is also an easy-to-use software has come up with various exciting features.

It is a simple yet practical fun application that allows users to change their voices, with several audios presets already available in that application.

Clownfish voice changer also helps in converting the texts into voices. It also helps in message encryption and also helps in changing the messages to other languages.

Clownfish also comes up with a sound player and sound management system. Unlike other applications, the clownfish voice changer will not access the personal information of the users, which in turn makes it a secure application to use.

Hence, the clownfish voice changer has proven to be one of the best and reliable real-time voice changer applications.



Voicemeeter also acts as an audio mixer, which can also increase or reduce the users’ pitch.

Voicemeeter is a unique, multitasking application designed for everyone willing to manage audio intelligently. It is intended for VOIP users, Broadcasters, Podcasters, video gamers, musicians, DJs, and sound lovers.

Voicemeeter is free to use for end-users and home users. It is best for audio mixing to manage audio sources.

It also offers impressive audio presets and voice effects. If someone is not satisfied with the other real-time voice changer applications, they can surely use it and make an audio effect that best suits their preference.

It supports MME, DX, KS, WDM, ASIO interfaces.

It can only be used by the users who process the technical knowledge about audio mixing tools. And apart from its complexity, it is still a great free tool to create customized voice effects.



MorphVox is best for clear and powerful voice changer applications, with a variety of features. MorphVox dispatches sound effects with quick keys.

MorphVox also aces all other tools solely on its own ability to provide crisp quality audio output without putting any burden on the CPU.

MorphVox has several great features. Some of them are MP3 reading, restoration of files in the same folder, plug-in support, multiple user support, and better list management. One can even add several sound effects to give a better experience to the users.

MorphVox is an intuitive and powerful voice changer application, which is also a perfect gift for all the gamers out there, which helps in adding extra fun to their online gaming experience. It is Optimized for online game streaming.


Voxal Voice Changer Application

It is a go-to software, best for change and disguise voice for chat and in any gaming platforms that are available online. This voice-changing application is so reliable that it also helps its users to maintain anonymity when appearing on radio or any podcasts.

It also acts as a significant voice modulator for discord and can even work when paired with podcasts, video games, or online avatars.

It also provides a universal setting for all applications and can produce custom audio effects with low CPU usage.

Therefore, it works well with almost all the applications and is free and very easy to use.



Voicemod Pro is one of the best voice changer software for windows which offers tons of voices and effects. It can even change its user’s agent in real-time.

It acts as an online voice modifier, with effects capable of changing the voice in various other audio presets or effects.

It is even compatible with almost all the communication and streaming software that are available in the market.

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