Clownfish voice changer for PUBG emulator

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Nowadays there is a big craze of multiplayer fps(First Person Shooting) games. The craze is so much that no matter whether the game is a ban or unban, we only wanna play.

Games like PUBG is one of the best First person shooting multiplayer games, where we can not only play with our friends but also we can chat with them using by text and voice which is also a very good reason why these games are so popular and why people are crazy for this games.

Also, there are so many people who change their voice while talking on world Chats and while talking in-game. It makes it so funny and interesting and takes the gaming to the next level!

But wait, are you also thinking to change your voice while you are talking on world chat and in-game. Let me make sure that you are at the right place. 


We have software for your Emulator by which you can change your voice in PUBG Emulator. So if you also want to talk to your friend in funny and interesting voices then you must keep reading this article and it will solve all your problems.

This software named Clownfish voice changer is one of the best software which you can use in your windows for changing your voice or to customize your voice in a variety of effects.

Clownfish voice changer software is specifically made for gamers like you by which you can make your gaming to the next level.

You can easily download this software for your PC/Emulator from the link provided below so keep scrolling.

About Clownfish Voice Changer For Pubg Emulator Application

In our research, we have found that there are many voice changer applications/software which is used for changing voice while talking in Pubg Emulator and in many games. 

But the maximum is paid software for which you have to pay for installation not only this but after that, you have to also pay for your favorite voice effects. Also, they require a lot of space which creates a mess.

Clownfish Voice Changer setting

Clownfish Voice Changer software is about 1.09 or 1.5MB(Megabytes) in size in which you get a variety 15+ of sounds and sound effects which you can set on the basis of your need and all are free of cost. 

This application is completely free of cost, so you don’t need to pay for this software. Very effective and easy to use.

We have tested this software for many multiplayer games like Pubg and Pubg Emulator and it worked very properly. It has no lags and no bugs issue.

 You can use this software while in game without facing any problem.

Since this software is free of cost, so you don’t have to pay for any voice effect or for any other thing. 

Features of Clownfish Voice Changer Software for pubg, call of duty, Fortnite etc.

It is a PC software which you can install for free in your Windows. If you wanna install this Software then we have provided a link at the end of this article from which you can download this software for free in any windows setup.

This software is consist of many sound effects like:

  • Alien voice
  • Robotic voice
  • helium balloon voice
  • funny voice 
  • baby voice

and many more which may make your gaming experience more funny and interesting.

Another good thing about this software is you can customize your voice on your own need basis. Yes! there is a customize option by which you can customize your voice so far.

Also you can download this software in your Android and mac or ios for free.

wait! don’t go now. This is not as easy as you think. Our main priority is to clear all your confusions so that you don’t face any problems while using this app. So only making you install this software is not enough, there are some main steps which you have to learn for using this application for the first time.

So just follow the steps given below.

Installation and Using of Clownfish voice Changer App(Guide)

1.Install Clownfish Voice Changer  Software from the link provided. Start the Application.

2.Once the software starts running switch or select “Set Voice Changer” to the preferred voice effect which you wanna use.

3.Click on the “hear microphone” icon and after this you will be able to hear your own voice in your headphones in your selected voice effect.

4. Once your voice effect is set on your choice you can now turn off the hear microphone option.

5. Congo! your voice has changed virtually. Now you are ready to go.

Last Words.

Hope we were able to be clear all your doubts regarding Clownfish voice changer software. Must remember this software is free of cost so don’t be a victim of fraud.

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